What do I do after my background check is complete?

You may wait for the organization to contact you or you may proactively contact them to know your status. Instructions may vary depending on the organization who has requested you to submit a background check, and may also depend on the organization’s decision about your eligibility. 


Process Overview:

Once the background check is complete, the organization will review the results of your background check. You can be tagged as either Eligible or Ineligible.

  • Eligible - is a decision wherein the organization chose to accept the candidate as a volunteer. You might receive an email notifying you about this decision and it may contain the instructions on next steps. If it does not contain instructions, you may reach out to the organization directly to request this information.
  • Ineligible – a violation/charge/record/derogatory information may have been found in your background check report. A letter will be mailed to you to notify you of the results of the background check report. The letter contains a copy of your background check report, FCRA Summary of Rights, and the instructions should you want to dispute the background check results. This process provides the opportunity for you to challenge the accuracy of the background check results. If the dispute is unsuccessful, the organization may not move forward. Otherwise, if the dispute has been successful, organizations may change their initial decision and update the status to Eligible.