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Error: The system is not accepting my address entry

not accepting address


Address History: Our system may say it cannot accept the date for how long you've lived at your address as the system can only accept dates after the year 1955. Please use this value even if you have lived prior to this date. Also, it won’t accept any dates within the future. By default, you can enter the current month and year if you’re unsure about your address history.

Zip Code or State: An error message will show if the provided zip code doesn't match with the state code provided (or vice versa). Please ensure that the zip code entered is associated with the state code chosen. 

International Address: Postal code field is not required for countries that do not have postal codes, such as Belize and Zimbabwe. We also allow alphanumeric postal codes up to 10 characters for international addresses instead of a 5 character numeric zip code for US orders. State field typically used for the two character US state code should instead have the fully written out region or province, such as Kyoto or Ontario.


If you encounter any errors that are not covered by the topics above, feel free to reach out to our Advocates team at TheAdvocates@sterlingvolunteers.com or 1-855-326-1860 Option 3.