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Ordering Process- Seventh-day Adventist Church

Seventh Day Adventist Church has a certain process in screening their volunteers. The standard policy states that all new applicants and employees be screened and then re-screened at the completion of 3 years.

*Some roles and locations require a renewal outside of this window.


Please complete the process in creating your account and initiating your background check by following the instructions below:


1. Go to NCS Risk website by clicking on http://www.ncsrisk.org/adventist/




3. Select your “Union” and continue


4. Select your “Conference” and continue.


5. After selecting the conference, you will be routed to the Registration Screen.


6. Fill out the necessary information.


7. You may add the lists of the locations which you are associated with.


8. Select your role. Please always be reminded to choose your role first before proceeding to the next step as the training course will not be assigned if no role has been selected.


9. Based on your involvement with the conference, you should be routed to the training page. This should be completed first before you could proceed with the background check.


10. Once the training course has been completed, you will then be routed to a page which will ask for your consent by checking all the boxes and entering your information to submit your background check order.