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Ordering Process- Atlantic Amateur Hockey Association

Atlantic Amateur Hockey Association has a specific process when submitting their background checks.

Kindly follow the instructions below to register with USA Hockey:

1. Go to https://usahockeyregistration.com/login_input.action
2. Please select your role and click on “Register Now”
3. Complete the 4 Steps of the Registration
4. Once completed, you should receive a “Role/Confirmation Number/Official Number” (this will be needed when submitting your background check)

To submit your background check order, kindly follow the steps below:

1. Kindly access the link below (please make sure to copy and paste the whole link on a browser):
2. Select “Click here to login” and enter your username and password on the volunteer’s side of the platform
3. Complete the required information (Role and Confirmation Number/Official Number)
4. Fill out the “4 Easy Steps in Getting Verified” and click COMPLETE.