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How do I share my completed background check with a new organization?

Sharing with Listed Organizations

Volunteers have an ability to share their background check report to organizations who are registered within the Sterling Volunteers community. Follow the steps below to start sharing:

1. Go to https://app.sterlingvolunteers.com

2. Enter your login credentials at the Volunteers login section and click Log in.

Volunteer Log-in


3. After logging in, volunteers can click the "View organizations in your area" or "Find organizations and share my background check" links in their profile.

Sharing BGC


4. From this menu, you can share your report securely through the Sterling Volunteers platform. You can set a radius based on a specific zip code you provide, or you can choose a state to find the organization you're looking for. After entering this information, click the "Search" button.

sharing bgc2

5. After you find the organization you'd like to share your background check with, click the "Share" button. After selecting "Share" the information from your background check will be shared with that organization.

Sharing BGC 3








Sharing with Non-Listed Organizations

Non-listed organizations pertain to non-profit organizations that are not yet registered within the Sterling Volunteers community. To share a result of your background check to external organizations, please follow the steps below:

1. Click the "View Organizations In Your Area" or "Find Organization and Share my Background Check".Sharing BGC


2. Access the "Click Here" link.


3. Fill out the form which should indicate the recipient's name, email address, and organization name. Other fields are optional such as the message and receive your own copy of the email. Make sure to agree with the "Terms of Use" before sending a summarized copy of your background check report.