How can I renew my background check?

Read this article to gain clarity around the background check renewal process.

Your ORGANIZATION decides when you can renew your background check. If your existing background check is already expired or nearly expired, your organization may proactively contact you to provide you with renewal instructions. Each organization has their own unique screening policy. This is also based on the organization's seasonality, renewal period, or screening regulations. We encourage you to reach out to your organization directly or go to their website to know more information about their renewal policies. If you're unable to contact them, you may send us an email at or call us at 1-855-326-1860 Opt. 3 so we can guide you to the right direction. 


There are three different renewal options that may be provided to you:

1. Renewal Invitation

An email with an embedded link will be sent to you. This link will automatically route you to the Sterling Volunteers login page. Once logged in, the system will require you to complete the background check submission form.


An organization may give you a GOOD DEED Code. Once you have entered this code while logged into your account, it will redirect you to the background submission form.

For instructions on using a GOOD DEED Code, please click here!

3. Integration 

The organization may direct you to their own website to initiate the background check. 

3. Client Order

The organization you are volunteering with may place the background check on your behalf after you have completed a paper form and provided your consent.