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Credit Report Inquiry

A credit report can provide a behavioral pattern of an individual's financial responsibility and obligations. A soft-check will be conducted wherein credit inquiries performed by Sterling Volunteers will not affect the individual’s credit score. If your credit is on freeze status, make sure to unfreeze before submitting so that we can retrieve the information from our vendor TransUnion. We will report the previous and current account balances, liens, collection, and other relevant information.

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There will be an "Additional Screening Products" section (see above) to inform you that this search is included in the background check. If you don’t see this on your online background check application form, it means that the credit check is not included in the screening package.

If you think that there are inaccuracies with the information we provided in your report, please contact our customer care team at TheAdvocates@sterlingvolunteers.com or 1-855-326- 1860, Option 3.